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improv | Silent Treatment @ iO

Deanna Moffitt and Rance Rizzutto are The R&D Project. Their current project is an improvisational form called Silent Treatment. No words are needed as Deanna and Rance improvise silently to a soundtrack. Sometimes provided by close friends or random strangers, sometimes created by the two of them with as little pre-show listening as possible, currently created during the show by Jason Chin. Once a soundtrack is used it will never be used again. Silent Treatment came to life when The R&D Project entered the 2008 Dual Duel 2-person improv contest. It was good enough to win them the championship. The R&D Project Presents: Silent Treatment Thursdays @ 8pm @ iO in the Del Close Theater 2/23 - 3/29 Opening for The R&D Project will be: JaJaJa!

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